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Since nearly thirty years ago, the Group started its business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name of Global Information and the Middle East Information Center. Our first project was Top 100 Saudi Companies program in 1985. The start faced a lot of obstacle as information was very hard to obtain at that time. But we succeeded, thanks to Allah, to send out our esteemed message, which in the first place is to serve the business sector.

In early 1993, we moved to kingdom of Bahrain where we excelled in developing our first project under the name of Middle East Information Center. The Group doubled its media business and added the business sector in the Gulf area where top 100 Saudi Companies Program has been developed to Top 100 Gulf Companies. Afterwards, we established Business & Finance Group and Business & Finance Club Magazine in 2003.

These qualitative successes had spurred us to move the Group’s general management to United Arab of Emirates in 2003, particularly in Dubai Media City, where the magazine established it’s headquarter as well.

The Group start to expand its scope of businesses as it covers a lot of economic and media projects, and economic and investment projects started from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is for example; real estate investment under the name of Cities Real Estate for Investment and Development, general contracting, maintenance, and operation under the name of World of Directions for Construction, food and catering under the name of Cities Gourmet for food and Catering, advertisement and publicity under the name of World of Direction for Publicity and Advertising and pre –print service under the name of Business and Finance Group branch. Afterwards the Group opened branches in seven countries other than its headquarter; these branches were in London, Beirut, Saudi Arabia , Cairo, Jordan and Syria, other than its agents and reporters for more than 22 countries.

Our dear reader may have notice the diversification of Business & Finance Group’s businesses that diversification aims to multiply our businesses in many sectors to cope with the global market moves and volatilities. From this tribune, I welcome business men and women from all over the world to cooperate, with us in the different investment of the Group. Our relation with you mean to us integration we talked about
wishing you all very best

Eng.Emad Al Mohamed El Haty
Chairman of Business & Finance Group

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