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Updated on : 7:55 am GMT | Wednesday 11th of September 2016 10
Issued By Business & Finance Group | Dubai Media City | Issue No.305
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Sandra Bullock in negotiations to star in "Gravity"

Business & Finance Club - LOS ANGELES : Sandra Bullock is in negotiations to star in "Gravity," the outer-space thriller that has become a game of musical chairs for the in-demand actress set.

Alfonso Cuaron ("Children of Men," "Y tu mama tambien"), who is directing and co-wrote the script with his son Jonas, is readying the feature for Warner Bros....more

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Zsa Zsa Gabor has blood clot removed

DiCaprio stars in sci-fi film 'Inception'
Romantic super-production
Stewart and Pattinson crave a quieter life
Love at first bite
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Marsden Delights Kids With Cats & Dogs Role

Jaden Smith is strong as the newest ‘Karate Kid’
Megan Fox Wedding Photographs Hits Web: Giorgio Armani Wedding Dress!
Douglas faces risk of losing his voice
Rania Abdelrazek: Painting through the lens of a camera
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Word of Mouth: Disney's betting on 'Secretariat'
JT puts his music on the back burner
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - There was never any question that "Iron Man 2" would be the biggest home video seller and renter of the week.
Film review: Robot

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