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His Excellency Sheikh,
Business and Finance Group Management dedicates you best regards and wishes you greater progress and prosperity. We’re pleased to tell you that our group owns Business and Finance Magazine, within its investment activities, and it’s one of the leading comprehensive economic magazines, in the Arab world. The magazine has started in the organization and production of the most important global, regional and economical event, in accordance with the official approval, of the competent authorities. This event highlights the most outstanding economical events, for both, private and government sectors, under the title of (Top 10 GCC Cities Achievements). The magazine has allocated all of its issues, to cover the activities of this event, throughout 2011. A special issue will be issued, at the end of each month, for each city, from the ten cities, that had achieved a rank, according to the classification of the global cities organization.


In addition to the magazine’s monthly sections, where the first issue will be issued on 28/11/2011, it’s worth mentioning that the issue’s file topic will be about Riyadh city, which has been ranked as (Best Environment and Human Friendly Gulf City), according to the assessment of the global cities organization. The issue’s file includes also a comprehensive report that shows national banks performance, during the past year, in addition to the funding amount that has been produced, for the developmental investments, in Riyadh city. The report that has been made, for the first time, in this new look, shows the strength of the Saudi economy in general and Riyadh city renaissance, in specific. In addition to that, this issue provides a special file, within 40 pages, that talks about and covers the most important economic and human completions, for His Highness, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. Issuing this issue coincides with the blessed recovery, from Allah Almighty, of His Highness The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.


The magazine has prepared a sponsoring program, for the companies interested in supporting this national event, being attached with our letter, and that’s not strange for your company, which is always available wherever the event is, especially in such national economical events. Given that time is short, for this issue, we look forward to receive a positive reply, from your excellence, to what have been sent, in our letter. We’re also pleased to attach to your excellence the activities and features of the participation, in this event, and booking your own advertisement space, within this issue. We hope you contact the project manager at: 4650980.


And accept our sincere regards


Business and Finance Group




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