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Objectives of the magazine,Wide spread and inclusiveness,,,
Business and Finance Club Magazine ”The Arabian Economic Tribune” aimed to attract the elite makers of the economy in various fields of economy, and to help them communicate their economical information quickly and distinct, which helps in the promotional and marketing movement. Our Magazine aims to excel in its content and continues to do so. The question arises here is why the customer continues to participate in media and advertising throughout the year? This shows that the customer benefits from the presence in the magazine. Here our customer can distinguish between our magazine and the services we provide and compare them to others, as the magazine put all the information and contents of media and information on the Internet on our website "" which is visited daily by fifty thousand visitors with the possibility of updating information and that information will continue for a whole month until the issuance of the new issue, in addition to that, the magazine is doing an advertising campaign in more than three local and regional newspapers for the issuance of the new issue and its contents, also a television advertising campaign, distinguishing ourselves from other magazines. The Magazine issued monthly in the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, preceded with a two weeks advertising campaign to deliver the information to our customers quickly and effectively.


The Board of Directors of Business & Finance Group, based in Dubai Media City in the United Arab of Emirates, issues among other activities Business & Finance Club Magazine as one of its informative projects, is pleased to invite your organization to share the economical elite, the leaders of organizations and corporations of the Gulf Area and Arab World, to participate in Business & Finance Club Magazine contents in economical sectors. We are proud of the achievements of the magazine through the service it provides to both our distinguished customers, by deployment and delivery of their enterprise to the world.

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