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Updated on : 8:04 am GMT | Wednesday 11th of September 2016 11
Issued By Business & Finance Group | Dubai Media City | Issue No.305
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Bahrain plans ā€˜3Gā€™ public parks

Business & Finance Club - Manama : Bahrain will build two third-generation (“3G”) public parks in a popular marketplace in the Central Governorate at either ends of the town of Jid Ali, said a top official..

"The parks will shift from the classical (first generation) and semi-classical (second generation) designs to something more appropriate with new age advancements in decoration and ornamentation," said Abbas Mahfoodh, vice chairman of the Central Municipal Council.

The Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs Ministry has already allocated BD120,000 ($318,280) for the project and a tender bid has been accepted, he added.

"Children's rides will be unique and family rest areas and coffee shops will also tend to shift from the familiar in what will be Bahrain's first third generation public parks,” said Mahfoodh.

Both are expected to be built before the end of the year.

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