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Your Excellency: Business Man                                                                         

Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be upon you,
Board of Directors of "Business and Finance Group" dedicates best regards to you.
The Progress and prosperity, in The Arabian Gulf region, in the past few years, and the aspirations and visions for a bright future full of achievements and hope has encouraged
the Board of Directors of Business and Finance Group to organize an event, highlighting the most important achievements of the public and private sectors.
Our Group is pleased to introduce to you its first launching of the regional and global event entitled as THE FORUM and CEREMONY OF THE TOP 10 GCC CITIES and REAL ESTATE LEADERS, participated by all media sectors.

In line with this, Business and Finance Group has got the official approvals from the different public sectors of the government, such as the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Information and the participation of Their Excellencies, the Governors, according to the letters that came with the promotional discourse. The event will focus on the municipalities of the Top 10 GCC Cities in the Gulf region, the infrastructure projects, the major achievements of the secretariats and public economic sectors of which were estimated the total value of more than $3,000,000,000,000 (Three Trillion U.S. Dollars). The private sector moderates this event, by highlighting the top ten commercial establishments, in each city that participates in the ten honored Gulf cities, through the assumption of the information form, attached with our letter.

This event aims to discover and promote the opportunities for the global and regional investment projects, establishments and business alliances in the Gulf Region through workshop activities that will be presented by the city secretariats and private sectors of the Top 10 GCC Cities.

Top 10 GCC Cities have been classified according to the ratings of the World Cities Organization: :


BAHRAIN: The Best Real Estate Region for Housing Projects
RIYADH: The Best Gulf City for Human and Environmental

DOHA: The best Gulf City for Real Estate Marketing

HOLY MAKHAH: The Best Region for Real Estate Environment
KUWAIT: The Best Gulf City for Architectural Designs

OMAN: The Best City for Tourism Projects

ABU DHABI: The Best Real Estate City for Afforestation and Construction Coordinator
DUBAI: The Best gulf City for Infrastructure and Construction Planning
JEDDAH: The Best Gulf City for Real Estate Finance and Development
THE EASTERN PROVINCE: The Best Area for real Estate Development Of Shore Fronts and Afforestation


There is no doubt that your company’s participation in the success of this event will have the greatest influence and informative and moral benefits upon your company. In addition to the World Cities Organization ranking and the work mechanism of the activities of this event, and to create competitiveness between gulf cities according to its annual achievements, and to evaluate the performance of the private sector participated in this event with maximum transparency and quality of information, the Group has been contracted with the most important Economic Study Houses in the Middle East that supervised by the most prominent professors in the region to analyze and evaluate the performance of the top 10 GCC companies for ten economic sectors in each city participated in this event according the specialty sector of each company. This is depending on the information form received from each company according to the attached letter. Your company has been nominated among the best GCC companies in order to compete with other companies in accordance with their specialty. For your company’s contribution, you will be able to participate in the activities and benefits of this event exclusively, according to your company’ sponsorship or advertising participation within the special ten issues of Business & Finance Club Magazine, a monthly issue for every Gulf City, according to the issuance timetable as follows:


- Advertising campaign in Business & Finance Club Magazine / Arabic edition/ for 10 issues - TV Ad Campaign “Sponsorship Program”
- Advertising campaign in Business & Finance Club Magazine / English edition /for 10 issues. - Radio Ad Campaign “Sponsorship Program”
- Inserting the content of the Magazine on the Internet
- Press Campaign “Sponsorship Program”
- Daily electronic advertising campaign in Business & Finance Club magazine / Digital in Arabic edition for a whole year.

- Free elements and contents of the program

- Daily electronic advertising campaign in Business & Finance Club magazine / Digital in English edition for a whole year.

We hope from your Excellency that you order to quickly fill in the " information form " ،of this event through this link “Information Form”, to enlist its content, in Dubai Achievements Issue dated 30/1/2011, according to the "timetable " of Top10 GCC Cities Issues. For more information about how to participate in the activities of this event, you can contact the manager of the program; Riyadh office (014650980), Dubai office (0097143910808).
Accept our best regards and appreciation

Please, Excellency, accept the assurances of greeting and appreciation


Business & Finance Group




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