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Terms & Conditions
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4-Fourth :

The subscriber will receives a free Masdr SIM card for the information and economical communication, which offers the latest and most important business news daily from twenty-two countries,stock markets, sports news, and health


5-The Total Cost :
For your company’s contribution as an Issue sponsor of (Top10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements) program, you shall pay the total cost of amount ($180 USD, only one hundred eighty dollars to be paid with check / in the name of Business and Finance Group.




1-First :
Your company will get a paper copy of the magazine to be delivered to your mail box, free of charge for a whole year.


2-Second :
Free annual subscription in Business & Finance Club Daily E-Magazine, which include the listing of the customer’s company and its activity in the economic magazine sectors for a whole year.

A free smart phone with a prepaid SIM free of the monthly charges for the first year.


Second Party First Party
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Note: The payment of the total contract on behalf of the Business & Finance Group as this is not a contract without a regular stamp and get the voucher after the payment