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Magazine Yearly Membership


Business & Finance Club Magazine launches the annual subscription campaign for the year 2010 - 2011 to promote and marketing of the magazine to the subscribers. The Magazine covers more than 22 countries, some of them from the Gulf and Arab region. The subscription service include all the following distribution centers in the following countries (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Arab of Emirates – Kuwait – Bahrain – Oman Sultanate – Qatar – Lebanon – USA – United Kingdom – Greece – Canada – Syria – Libya – Tunisia – Morocco – Egypt – Cyprus – Australia – France – Germany – Italy – Spain – Switzerland).
The Group has allocated 12 special monthly issues within Top 10 GCC Cities and Real Estate Leaders Achievements program to be printed in 50,000 copies. Every issue will cover the most important economic sectors in each city which are (Oil and Gas sector – Tourism sector - Education sector – Medical sector – Transportation sector – Telecommunications sector - Industry Sector - Finance and Investment sector - Real Estate sector - Insurance sector).
For the annual subscription in Business & Finance Club Magazine for twelve issues, the Magazine has allocated some advantages for the subscribers.




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Advertisements in Daily Business & Finance Club Magazine – Digital

Business & Finance Club Magazine - Digital site is one of the biggest and most prominent economic Arabic informative sites on the internet. Visitors of the site are about one hundred and fifty thousand per day from all Arab and western countries, which put it on top of the economic Arabic web sites. According to economical Arabic web sites ranking, (Business & Finance Club Magazine – Digital) is ranked on top of the informative and economical sites. The services provided here exceeds more than 16 sections updated daily, and around the clock in both Arabic and English.

Business & Finance Club web site is one of the most prominent sites which has a broad spectrum of readers and followers of the magazine sections